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Whole Chicken Recipe for the Instant Pot

One of my favorite pressure cooker recipes for the Instant Pot is for a whole chicken. It comes out so juicy and flavorful and always makes for a complaint free dinner from my little guy.

First thing is the dirty work-wash and dry your chicken. I know, who wants to touch a raw chicken…it’s an evil necessity!

Next, season your chicken. We use garlic salt and Lawry’s seasoning salt as our main seasonings.  I think you can make it your own here by using your favorites.  Whatever you decide to use will be sure to make your Instant Pot whole chicken a raving success!

Then, lightly spray the chicken with cooking oil.       Instant Pot Whole Chicken Recipe

Using the saute function (wait until it says HOT), add a little oil to the pot and brown both sides of the chicken for 3-4 minutes each.  If you add the oil before the Instant Pot says hot, you are damaging the non stick component.

Now for the hardest part, carefully remove your chicken from the pot and set it aside. Then add 1 cup broth or water to your Instant Pot and scrape the browned bits off your pot.

Place chicken on trivet in your Instant Pot, breast side down.

Now for the easy part! Cook 6.3 minutes per pound and allow it to natural pressure release for approximately 15 minutes.

So, go take a break and put your feet up while the Instant Pot does all the work!

That’s it! Super easy and so yummy! Your family will think you’ve been cooking all day!

I don’t know which I like more, this recipe or my boneless herb chicken breast recipe!

Here’s a little tip, I use the 6 quart pot and use chickens slightly over 5 pounds, anything bigger and it doesn’t fit.

Boiled Peanuts Instant Pot Recipe

Looking for an easy boiled peanuts recipe from the Instant Pot?

If you are from the south you probably have childhood memories of eating boiled peanuts. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of partaking in these delicious nuts, you have missed out! With an Instant Pot, making boiled peanuts can’t get any easier! Start out by rinsing your raw peanuts and then place them in your Instant Pot with just enough water to cover them. Mix in 1/3 cup salt and find something to place on top of the peanuts. I use my steamer basket because I like the convenience of the handle. It’s important to weigh the peanuts down so they don’t float! Set your Instant Pot to 100 minutes manual and allow it to natural pressure release; couldn’t be any easier! I have found that when I let them sit in the fridge for a few hours after they have cooled they taste even better!boiled peanuts recipe instant pot boiled peanuts recipe instant pot


Boneless Herb Chicken Breast Instant Pot Recipe

I happened upon this recipe by accident! We were tired of making our chicken the same old way all the time. While scouring through some recipes I found two I thought we might like but didn’t have all the ingredients for either one. Running out to the store was not an option, so I combined the ingredients I did have from both recipes. It was so delicious, glad I jumped in and gave it a try!

First I cut the chicken breasts in half and marinated them for a couple of hours. Next time I’ll probably marinate them for longer.

boneless herb chicken breast instant pot

When it was time to cook I used a cup of water in my Instant Pot and the trivet. I layered my chicken on the trivet and set it to manual for 12 minutes. I let it NPR until the pin dropped and presto! So moist and flavorful!

For the marinade I used olive oil, oregano, cumin, paprika, and sea salt.


boneless herb chicken breast instant pot