How to lose weight and feel better in 2018!

How to lose weight and feel better in 2018!

Ready for a new you?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Is it time to finally start shedding some pounds? Have you been a victim of yo-yo dieting? Are you willing to do the work and be consistent? If so, read on to learn about the trifecta power of food, exercise, and supplements. It’s time to lose weight and feel better in 2018!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

For me, my journey began because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. You see, I’m an elementary school teacher and we had just come back from our two-week winter break. You’d think after two weeks off I’d have been refreshed and ready to go. But I wasn’t, I was dragging. I’d come home from work and it was a struggle to complete the most basic mom chores. Forget about cooking dinner, the local drive through was my saving grace.  Unfortunately, it was also my demise. Talk about packing on some pounds! I knew I needed to make a change but didn’t have the energy I needed to actually do anything.

Lose weight and feel better in 2018
February 2016

Gut health, does it really matter?

I started doing some research and learned that most of my problems were coming from an unhealthy gut. Overgrowth of yeast in your intestinal system can make you tired.  I found these supplements which claimed to help with repairing your gut flora to a natural balance so I gave them a try.  I started taking them in February of 2016.  So, if I’m being completely honest, I was expecting to feel different right away. This did not happen.   It wasn’t until late March when I realized that I wasn’t tired all the time anymore and maybe there was something to these supplements.  You know what else I noticed? I wasn’t drinking near as much soda as I used to! The best part for me came in early April.  The scale had not changed any, but my pants were suddenly really loose! The supplements were definitely working and the loose pants were just what I needed to motivate me to keep going!

Because I was feeling better and had more energy I was able to begin meal prepping and cooking for my family. With these additional changes the scale quickly started moving.  I was determined to get the most of my money out of these supplements so I decided to use the extra energy to my advantage and join a gym.

Lose weight and feel better in 2018
August 2016

Lose weight with the trifecta method in 2018.

This is where the trifecta comes into place! With the combination of a healthy intestinal system (thank you supplements), making smarter food choices, and the exercise, the weight started dropping right off!  The best part is through this process of healing my body I have been able to come off several medications and am now sharing my success with others to help them begin a healing journey.  I have no doubt that without the supplements I would not have been able to be successful. It’s been almost two years and I am healthier now than I have ever been and have managed to keep the weight off.

Lose weight and feel better in 2018
September 2017

Still a skeptic?

I don’t blame you!  Many people have asked me how do I know the weight loss is from the supplements and not the gym; my response is look at my husband. My handsome hubby pictured above started taking the supplements in June 2016 and was able to lose weight without the aid of going to a gym.

What do you have to lose?

If you are willing to be consistent with taking the gut changing supplements you will see a change. The catch is, change doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t get frustrated, give it time to work. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and you won’t lose it easily. With a 60 day money back guarantee it’s time to give it a try.

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