Exercise, Body Image, and Self-Esteem. Just get started!

I’m like most females; I’ve spent many years suffering from low self-esteem, ashamed of the way I looked. I decided to do something about it and joined a gym. Below are some tips on how to get started on a better you!

Making time for the gym isn’t always easy, in fact, I’ve found getting there is the hardest part. Once I’m there and the workout begins I am so glad I went.  I’m fortunate enough to have an awesome gym with trainers running classes, watching us to correct our form, and “yelling” at us to keep us motivated and moving. I like to say I have a love/hate relationship with my trainers, but seriously though, they kick my tail.

Now, I know you all aren’t fortunate enough to have a gym like mine close by, so I’m going to give you eight basic getting started pointers for now that anyone can do and come back later with specific exercises you can do to help yourself.

My first tip is show up. Put your shoes on and go.  NO EXCUSES! If you don’t have a gym close by, get you one of those workout videos, because some movement is better than no movement.

Tip two is set yourself a timeframe and stick to it. If you quit your exercise early you are only cheating on yourself.  If you decide on 45 minutes but 15 you are tired, DON’T QUIT-KEEP GOING-PUSH THROUGH IT!

Third, aim to get in four or five workouts a week; the kind that get your heart rate going and your blood pumping.  Once or twice a week is a start, but that is not enough.

Fourth, don’t think of exercise as a punishment for what you have eaten, this will lead you to dread your workouts.

Tip five, treat yourself to some cute workout clothes.  We all like to look cute, right?

The sixth tip is to drink  water, water, water. Drink water! Water is your friend. Don’t forget your water.

Tip seven is to alternate muscle groups on your workout days. Focus on one muscle group each time you workout.

Finally, don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, this may cause you to binge eat. Allow yourself small occasional treats. You deserve it!

Remember you didn’t come this far, only to come this far.

How is getting active and starting an exercise routine going to help with your self-esteem?When you exercise your body releases endorphins and you get a feeling called a “runner’s high”, making you feel better about yourself and what you’ve just accomplished. This site http://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/exercise-depression#1 has more information for you about the benefits of exercise.

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Originally posted 2017-04-09 01:40:16.