How Sugar is Harming You and How to Beat it

How Sugar is Harming You and How to Beat it

Did you know sugar is addictive? According to some recent studies sugar releases opioids and dopamine which can lead to addictive behavior.  I urge you to do some quick google searches to see for yourself.

Hidden Sugar

To make matters worse, sugar is hidden in so many foods we don’t even realize how much we are taking in.  Nonfat foods are some of the worst when it comes to the amount of sugar. Don’t believe me? Head to your fridge right now and check out the labels on your nonfat yogurt.

Food manufactures are getting smarter and hiding the sugar from us because forms of sugar can have so many different names. You are eating it without even knowing it.

hidden sugar

Magnesium Deficiency and Sugar

Did you know a magnesium deficiency in your body can actually make you crave sugar???? To help you beat the cravings, eat foods that are high in the mineral magnesium.  Spinach, chard, and pumpkin seeds are three great source of magnesium. If those items just don’t cut it for you and you know they will never make it to your plate; try this supplement, Bio Cleanse. It contains 95% of the recommended daily value for magnesium.


Choose Protein Over Sugar

Have you ever eaten a donut (or two or three) and still felt unsatisfied? You guessed it, sugar is the reason. It wreaks havoc on your metabolism and leaves you feeling unsatisfied.  Choose protein instead.  Here are a few of my favorite protein shake recipes. Protein helps you feel full longer, which can decrease the amount of calories you eat daily. Win-win!

Protein shake


Another simple way to help you beat the sugar cravings is to eat foods high in the mineral chromium. I have just recently learned about this amazing mineral Chromium which helps regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels (Are you pre-diabetic? You need chromium).  By regulating your blood sugar levels you are regulating your insulin levels.  This all leads to a reduction in sugar cravings.

What germ, brewer’s yeast, broccoli, and bran cereal are all great sources of chromium; but I hope you love them. It takes 9 heads of broccoli to get the amount of chromium you need to make a difference in your blood sugar levels.  Not thrilled with the idea of eating that much broccoli? Try Slim instead; 1 pack of Slim has 167% of the recommended daily value of chromium.

blood sugars are important

Candida Yeast

If you suffer from chronic stress, take birth control pills, take antibiotics, or have diabetes you are feeding the Candida yeast in your body. Did you know Candida yeast overgrowth causes you to crave sugar? Candida loves sugar! To help control your Candida yeast levels you need a great probiotic.  There are tons of probiotics out there;  ProBio5 targets yeast and bacteria overgrowth.  As your yeast levels begin to diminish you should have fewer sugar cravings.

candida yeast

Now that you know how sugar is harming you and have some tips on how to beat it, who is ready to join me in a journey to becoming a better YOU? If this is you join me!

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Originally posted 2017-07-25 15:00:36.